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Corporate Address:
13400 S. Route 59
Suite 116-206
Plainfield, IL 60585
phone: (01) 815.733.5394
fax: (01) 815.733.5393
(Note: Our Rochester, NY facility is closed. Please direct all correspondence to our Plainfield location. Thank you.)

e-mail: Due to spam please replace the at with @ info at oraclemanufacturing.com
Global Address:
198 Hongxing Road
JiaXing, Zhejiang
China 314001
e-mail: Due to spam please replace the at with @ china at oraclemanufacturing.com


We understand that the challenge for business today is cost containment and transformation, not simple oversight, and the leaders are those that do the unexpected. "If you only give people what they expect, someone else will give them what they never dreamed possible." That's why we are constantly engaged in developing the latest technologies for offshore Design, Development and Manufacturing. Our proven track record of delivery across every aspect of outsourcing makes us a leader in creative global solutions.
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