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Class "A" Asian Tooling - USA Engineering In-house tooling & design, mold makers and mold designers give us the capability to build and maintain our own tooling. The design and craftsmanship of a mold is a controlling factor in quality and part cost for the life of the tool. We have built more than 250 molds for our customers and pride ourselves on our ability to optimize part and mold design at the beginning of a project before the steel is cut. We can accept virtually any electronic design database including Pro-E. Our engineers enjoy helping our customers with suggestions on part design that will improve quality and/or reduce costs.

We have the best and most reliable toolmakers. We have modern, state-of-the-art, highly automated operations with full CAD/CAM capabilities. With our facilities in China, we can be just as competitive on a simple, one cavity mold costing $3,000 as on a multi-cavity hot runner mold costing $150,000.

We place great emphasis on the design stage of a mold to ensure that our molding and design expertise is combined with our tool building expertise to produce a mold that will meet all of our expectations. Our expertise ensurs that every mold built through Oracle will produce quality parts at the quoted price.

Tooling Equipment:

- CAD/CAM/CAE center
- Die and spotting press
- Precision electrical spark machine
- Precision straddle type matched 
   mold machine
- CNC copy milling machine
- Mold machine
- EDM machine
- Numerical control machine
- 3-coordinate measuring machine

Manufacturing Quality All Oracle Manufacturing facilities are ISO 9002 certified and some of them are QS 9000 certified. This guarantees that we have a consistent and effective quality system in place to meet our customers quality needs. We place great importance on defining and documenting these needs for each part at the beginning of a project in order to minimize the learning curve once production is underway.

Mold and machine set-up and operating conditions are part of our controlled documentation system. Manufacturing quality and inspection forms are displayed at the press together with sample parts and contain all the relevant information required for our press operators and quality inspectors to determine part consistency and quality. We work with our customers to establish appropriate SPC and SQC requirements. All of our parts are inspected in-house and specifications are verified with a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

When Quality issues do arise they are thoroughly investigated, documented, and corrective actions are initiated.

Part quality is very much dependent on the condition of the mold. At the end of each run, we clean, inspect, lubricate, and spray the mold with rust preventative. Last shots are retained and inspected. If necessary, mold repairs are initiated before wear degenerates into a quality issue.

Plastic Injection Molding | Die Casting | Electronic Assembly
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